Australia...maybe one day!

When in Australia actually saw wild Kangaroos fighting on the beach! I love Kangaroos!

Australia - some day!


I wanna go: Western Australia - Kangaroo on the beach. I forgot my beach towel!

For all of my garden parties

A Wine Barrel Ice Bucket - i love barrels.

Australia Day THONGS cake and cupcakes

Australia Day thong cake and cupcakes.

Australian Flag

Wow, that's some great face painting. and very patriotic! My kids would love Australian flag faces this Australia Day :)

Australia Day Poster

BBQ-epic poster for Australia day


From the Gallery of Photographer John White Below is a set of amazing photos from Australian photographer John White.

Australia Day

If you're not lucky enough to be an Aussie on Australia Day, well, it sucks to be you!

funny Australia day

Pictures of the day: 26 January 2011

The day where if you yell “ AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE” in any place you will always get a reply of “OI OI OI”. The day in which people Dress in skimpy Aussie bikinis and clothes or Budgie.