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'I remembered that day they locked me in the cage.' 'I had to watch.' 'I know.' 'I remembered what red is really like that day.' 'I know.'

She entered the cage it was snowing tremendously. Mae sat in the corner of the cell shivering like a scared dog. The coldness of the floor seeped into her pants. She was no longer a warrior princess, just a scared broken girl.

texture: texture is the surface quality of an object and in this you can see the different levels of the work, some pieces pop out and some are painted with clumps so if you run your fingers over it you can feel the dried bumps of paint and the different objects in the work.

Finnabair: Sometimes Im Overemotional The author and creator of this style mixed media canvas, and look how it has swept across the world. If there was a definition for mixed media it would definitely have to include the name Finnabair Canvas Ideas

self-portrait: drawing or painting of eyes

Awesome A Level artwork by Elena Tomas Bort, completed at the Laude British School of Vila-real, Spain. Elena’s focuses upon how to draw eyes so that they reveal emotions and reflect messages about life.