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Seed Saver Packet Printables

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What is Polyculture?!

Permaculture: What is Polyculture

Polyculture tries to imitate nature by growing a range of different crop varieties within one growing space to create a little ecosystem. That’s right, a little garden jungle.

Autumn-Winter planting guide

Planting guide for Australian growers (Autumn-Winter)

Spring-Summer planting guide

From the ABC Organic Gardener Magazine Australian planting guide Spring-Summer planting guide Sydney is purple

eco rose organic fungicide for powdery mildew, black spot

eco-rose is a certified organic fungicide for the control of common diseases including powdery mildew, black spot and rust.

Soil blockers

parts peat, part river sand, 2 parts worm castings or compost, 1 handful sieved wood ash or lime

What grows in soil blocks

Soil blocks are a nifty technique for starting seedlings in a 'pot-less' way. They're DIY home-pressed blocks of soil with a seed inside, and their constru