Besides have the wedding, Treasure Cay, Bahamas is such a beautiful place for honeymoon too.

As fate would have it Greg and Kristina would meet on a return plane from a small island in the Abacos, only then to discover that they attend the same university in the United States.

Santorini is the place to be for simply stunning backdrops and scenery for wedding photos. Of course, you can choose here for your honeymoon place.

Many couples head to Santorini for their wedding, Kengo and Asato were in this beach paradise for their honeymoon and decided to join in the photo shoot fun

COMO Point Yamu, Phuket is a perfect spot for wedding and honeymoon

Color Palette of the Wedding of the Year: Pastels Wedding in Thailand - Sandra Åberg Photography

BOOK THE HONEYMOON:  Typically a groom’s duty

You can see this as a to-do list for the work-shy groom or ideas for things you could delegate to the poor guy who is struggling to get involved.

The infinity of the blue water of Fiji Island, and the sun shining through the surface makes this fairytale come to life.

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The perfect view of clear sea and sky at Fiji. Such a beautiful place for honeymoon.

Lisa & Mark's Wedding in Fiji by Ocean Studio Fiji - La Bride

Having honeymoon and walking in the Rome just like the movie "Roman Holiday"

Christos & Aggeliki's Honeymoon in Rome by Gregory Kalampoukas

Enjoy the history atmosphere in Rome is a good place for honeymoon

Christos and Aggeliki chose to be taken their wedding photo shoot in Rome and lucky for us the talented Gregory Kalampoukas was behind the lens snapping up

A perfect place to relax and honeymoon - Koh Samui Island, Thailand

Today, we bring you the Thailand wedding of Lamphay and Paulo on Koh Samui Island, photographed by the ever-talented man behind Emilio Navas Photographers.