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this is also a cool thing. not only a quad but also looking at left and right brain

In the head of bilinguals and interpreters: neurolinguistic aspects

Each individual section of the brain is in charge of a specific thing. The cerebellum, cerebrum, and brain stem are essential in keeping the human body working.

Mongrel, Mixed Breed

We sought one another, and out of our eagerness dreams were born. And dreams were time limitless, and dreams were space without measure. ~Kahlil Gibran | Photo: The Embrace by Scott James Prebble

The Embrace by Scott James Prebble - The Embrace Photograph - The Embrace Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

it's a lot of money. I'm attracting money right now. Bam make it happen. Gonna make it rain up in here.

cocainacowboy: “ i was so fuckin mad wen joker burned that money.