Cheat Sheet: Graphic Design Words Everyone Should Know (Infographic) |

Cheat Sheet: Graphic Design Words Everyone Should Know (Infographic)

Cute custom rubber stamps in the shape of a pineapple, donut, globe, banner, elephant, and hand: | Stamps + Photo: The Small Object

Quick Pick: The Small Object Rubber Stamps

Thou shall follow the 10 commandments of graphic design or face the consequences!

Commandments: divine rules to be observed strictly. While nothing is set in stone in this crazy design era, here are 10 principles that we

Jellyfish chandelier. Imagine hundreds of these hanging from a ceiling in a large room, at different heights, forming a "bloom" (apparently, the name for a large group of them in one area!)

jellyfish chandelier - I want one! Contemporary Chandelier, Chandeliers, Jellyfish Chandelier, Lights Like You've Never Seen Them

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This is pretty cool, i like how the person used half of the word to create a shadow. Shows a very clean artistic side. More / How you hide? Just hide in the word

If the Disney Villains existed in real life, ominous laughter would echo throughout the world, nefarious plans would go wrong left and right, and there’s a good chance eggs would be in short supply (looking at you, Gaston). Thank goodness the power of art allows us to experience this without well, experiencing it.

6 Pieces of Eerily Realistic Disney Villains Artwork

"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks" -Dr.Seuss for the reading nook