Beautiful white laundry in polytec MELAMINE Classic White Sheen.

Laundry: Polytec melamine classic white sheen cabinets with politic laminate fontaine matt bench tops.


Decoração – Áreas de Serviço Pequenas

Organized cleaning cupboard - vacuum, cleaning supplies, ironing board, sweeping brush etc

Ikea Sortera Bins - need to find a place for them or alternative for utility

Just in time for Earth Day, the team at Lia Griffith has been working on organizing their small space recycling area in their home office as well as setting up a recycling center for upcoming summe…

Hanging ideas

Find drying rack and hang bar in laundry room. Like the idea of using a bar above sink and washer/dryer for hanging shirts.

Hjerterum - Boligstil. Orden i entreen

Mudroom in the garage idea: Shoe storage on slatted shelves for easier clean up, IKEA storage boxes OFF THE FLOOR mounted to wall In case we wind up without a REAL mud room.

3 VARIERA beholdere fyldt med huller, der hænger på en væg med hvide fliser og holder orden i rengøringsartiklerne. Du kan tegne symboler ud for hver beholder, der viser, hvilke rengøringsartikler der er til vinduerne, huset og bilen.

Three VARIERA plastic bag containers, can be fixed to a white-tiled wall and filled with cleaning products for tidy cleaning storage. You can draw symbols representing house cleaning, window cleaning and car cleaning onto the white tiles.