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Living in Australia is distinctly different than living in the States, but I can't quite put my finger on why that is. This board is going to help me try.
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Well, that. Obviously.

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Jacaranda trees.

Let Us Enjoy The Nature -Jacaranda Street, Sydney, Australia. Purple flowers on the jacaranda tree. Jacaranda tree lined street.

Sunset on Cable Beach, Western Australia

Australia Travel Inspiration - Sunset, Cable Beach, Australia - Cable Beach is a 22 kilometres stretch of beach near Broome, Western Australia. Cable Beach was named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in

Classic Lamingtons - There is perhaps no cake as lovely as a buttery, chocolaty lamington, try them today!

Classic Lamingtons

Classic Lamington recipe - There is perhaps no cake as lovely as a buttery, chocolaty lamington!

Australian Slang Language Guide. Click for more phrases and history.

How to Speak Australian: 7 Steps to Mastering the Australian Accent

Ever wondered how the Australian 'Aussie' accent evolved? Find out about its fascination history and learn some Aussie slang.

up to my *** in alligators ^ The above statement made this picture THAT Much Better. LMFAO!

The crocodile diaries…

Most unusual of the lots is a self-portrait of photographer and adventurer Peter Beard writing his diary in 1965 from the jaws of a giant African crocodile. The 15 foot crocodile was dead - Beard had shot it earlier on the shore of Lake Rudolf in Kenya

A regular day in the life of an Australian.

Just a regular day in my life.

I have no idea why my friend John Bristowe decided to move to Australia; the place seems to be packed with nothing but Nature’s most deadly creatures: Update For the benefit of those people who didn’t get the “Clock Spider” […]

Vanilla Slice

23 Australian Foods That Americans Will Never Get To Enjoy

Another snack you can find in any decent Aussie bakery, Vanilla Slices are light and creamy enough to justify having two. They’re done best with super-flaky pastry, but honestly, it works well no matter what.

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Australian Insurance Claim - And this diagram shows us how it's done in Australia.

Gross. Vegemite!

Vegemite - Love these instructions. I guess I am up with the regular consumers as I couldn't imagine a world without Vegemite.

Meanwhile in Australia.

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Schoolboy finds koala 'trying to drive' family car – in pictures

Bare feet. Everywhere: supermarket, cafe, beach, car. Shoes are for special occasions only.

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The Best Of The Rest...

The Boozy Pedestrian Crossing.