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It's not just the workout, it's how you act! The respect you have for others, your mentors and teachers, your art, the indomitable spirit, the bonds of friendship. Without the whole package, it doesn't have the same meaning.

Anyone can get a black belt.but a true black belt is a way of life, a change in character, a different mindset

Don't fall for the mind tricks! #GetBeachReady

If my legs are strong enough for a 15 minute horse stance before all the techniques, your legs are strong enough.

Only thru trials and tribulations.

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YOLO, as my son would say . he is a major reason why I do what I do.

Martial Arts Quotes of Wisdom | Shihan Martial Quotes

Quote about the amount of commitment it takes to be a martial arts master.

Control your temper

At Revolution MMA Benton we teach character and discipline in the true martial arts spirit. is about self control and self discipline.

Chances of success depend on your attitude. From "I won't" at to "I did" at Choose your attitude. weigh your chances.

I love this statement - looking for it in some cool item for my son's room.

This is the most perfect quote about martial arts I have seen so far.


Karate Striking Points: I have this poster in my garage, next to my punching bag defense

Morning Workout.

Wake Up & Make It Happen Workout. Easy morning work out to start off the day. *gotta get this post baby pooch outta here*