Pancake Bites - Perfect for the kids in the morning time!!! Plus, I can make them the night before so they can grab and go!

Pancake Bites "baked muffin-sized pancakes with blueberries or bacon. You eat bacon with pancakes, not in them! And I'm pretty sure a "baked muffin-size pancake" is a muffin.

BBQ Chicken Avocado Quesadillas.

BBQ Chicken Avocado Quesadillas - barbecue chicken and avocado in a cheese quesadilla - Soooo good! and easy! Cut up and pan seared two chicken breasts then added bbq sauce. These are a must in the dinner rotation!

Pizza buns recipe

Pizza Buns

Simple Pizza Buns Recipe - Perfect for School Lunches: easy to make using store bought refrigerated pizza dough instead of making from scratch. Make a batch, freeze until needed, then heat up and put in thermos for lunch

BBQ Chicken Pizza Pinwheels

Barbecue Chicken Pizza Pinwheels

Barbecue Chicken Pizza wrapped up in refrigerated Pillsbury Crescents or Pizza Dough for an easy and tasty snack! Alright guys, I have a confession. I have a sl

Apricot Coconut Slice

Apricot Coconut Slice (No-Bake) - Conventional Method

Want a Thermomix Apricot Coconut Slice that is completely no-bake, takes just 5 minutes to prepare and is absolutely delicious?

Apple Crumble Slice

Apple Crumble Slice - it consists of a cake like base, a layer of cinnamon flavoured apple, and then finished off with a crumble topping.