Pizza Pockets

Transferred from my FB page - a very popular recipe! Tonight I thought I'd experiment with dinner. Instead of the usual pizzas I thought I'd try pizza pocket


Sweet little Churros. They're not so hard. By hand method 250 mls chilled water 120 g unsalted butter cut into small cubes 5 g salt 120 g .

Chicken & Bacon Hors-D’oeuvres

Thermomix Chicken and Bacon Hors-D’oeuvres make without cheese, maybe add chopped egg rice flour

Cheese & Bacon Scrolls

Thermolicious: Cheese and bacon scrolls- two ingredient dough of flour and yoghurt

Beef Risotto

Thermomix Beef Risotto

Thermomix Beef Risotto parmesan cheese 1 clove of garlic 1 onion, quartered butter or margarine tomato paste or pizza sauce tin tomatoes, diced (or tbsp) vegetable stock paste beef mince water cup) long grain rice 1 cup frozen peas bunch of basil

Chocolate Yogo Mousse

The approved by princess fussy pants bit makes me feel confident that my Queen fussy pants might even like it! thermomixinit: Chocolate 'Yogo' style desert (even approved by princess fussy pants!

Tim Tam Balls

Thermomix ® recipe Tim Tam Balls Recipe Tim Tam Balls by mel-robinson - Recipe of category Desserts & sweets

Anzac Biscuits

Thermomix ANZAC biscuits / cookies

ANZAC biscuits are a tradition here in Australia. Made with oats, butter and golden syrup they are a family favourite that also store very well. My favourite ANZAC biscuit recipe is from the CWA co…

English Muffins

The Opies: Family Food: Thermomixing up some English Muffins / muffins ingleses en la Thermomix

Chocolate Mousse

Easy Chocolate Mousse From the Everyday Cookbook 4 large eggs, room temperature, separated pinch of cream of tartar icing sugar (made in TM) 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste unsalted butter warm water dark chocolate cream

Ice Magic

Oh my - Ice Magic Thermomix Style! I love ice magic but hate the list of ingredients it has. This is much healthier.

Bacon & Vegetable Bites

{Bacon and Vegetable Bites} 1 small zucchini 1 carrot 1 potato 1 onion or 5 spring onions A few sprigs of parsley 6 slices of short cut bacon, diced (or chopped in Thermomix) grated cheese milk 2 egg self raising flour 1 tabs stock paste concentrate