Folding table

Robert van Embricqs' Rising Table - interesting table design fabricated from a single sheet of wood

Yesterday we showed you a fold up desk.    Here is a table for two that also essentially folds in on itself.    In my humble opinion this is not as sleek as the wall mounted one, but it is still a good way to space save in a small area.    What do you think of this one?

The table is like a solid cube. Until it opens It has a flat service when it is closed or not, which is a characteristic of a table. Either way it is a table. it could be a side table when it looks like a cube or dinner for two when you pull it apart.

DIGIT by Yoshimasa Tsutsumi (stacked 10,000 square paper pipes form the support structure)

Have students make modular pieces. Then decide what they can make out of it, in groups or individually. A modular wall made from paper pipes that encapsulates furniture

storage table open closed

Artists Naoki Hirakoso and Takamitsu Kitahara built this wooden surface called the Kai Table, complete with a bunch of “secret” compartments — probably more accurately described as storage compartments; they don’t seem too secret.

Piano shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Piano Shelf: New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz . It folds flat when not in use, occupying zero space in the room. Once you need to store something – simply unfold the sufficient number of ‘keys’ to accommodate the item.