Child portfolios in early childhood settings...are they necessary? 15 Questions to ask first! Find out more at Mummy Musings and

Child Portfolios in Early Years Education - How to make them effective.

Child portfolios in early childhood settings.are they necessary to meet EYLF outcomes? 15 Questions to ask first!

"The Need To Tell our Story: Making Learning Visible". One educator's thoughts as she learns about pedagogical documentation.

Play, learn, eat, repeat.

19 Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Eat

{New Recipe} All-Natural Edible Slime! No cook recipe that's ready in less than 5 minutes. Feels and acts just like traditional slimes without any chemicals! From Fun at Home with Kids-(sub basil seeds for chia)

Documenting in a Home/Family Day Care Service - Part 1 Developing your Planning Cycle.

Documentation & Programming for Family Child Care

Documentation strategies using the EYLF for home/family day care services . Find more at Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Well spring is finally in the air, and we started our unit on plants! We’ve learned all about the different parts of the plant this week, an...

First Grade Wizards: Yummy Plant Parts, Egg-cellent word work and Texas Symbols