LazyPanda Ikuropanda

LazyPanda Ikuropanda

LazyPanda Ikuropanda
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Double vest,"now that's an idea" I never thought of. I'm always hot so it's hard for me to wear a jacket or coat and be comfortable. But a double vest gives that same effect without all the material.

simple and effective. #BACKYOKE, #streetstyle, #man, #glasses

autumn / fall / mint green / pastel / button down / shirt / menswear / street style / boat shoes / sperry / cropped jeans / dark denim / white t-shirt / nude sunglasses / navy jacket /

Korean Guys Style and Fashion

The back pack would be great for carrying my keyboard for gaming. The clothes are comfortable and easy to move in and the shoes go well with the outfit. I could wear this to school or to a friends house to game.