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How to Contour/Highlight Nose, Contouring Hacks, Tips

Highlighting and contouring can be complicated but this step by step guide shows you exact.

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10 Eyeshadow Hacks that'll Glam Up Your Makeup Routine

Hacks, tips and tricks to remove dark circles; How to cover up bags under eyes using concealer, makeup; Natural DIY remedies for darkness under eyes

Eye make-up types. (So, no one else just does the "draw a line as best you can and just go with that because you're running late" method?

No wearable, soft brown crease and light glossy lips. it's time for vampy, dark and sexy colors in an ANTI-Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial!

The Perfect Contouring Want sun-kissed skin without the sun damage? These three contouring looks can help you perfectly apply your bronzer so your skin will look radiant not only in the here and now,

Quick Makeup Tips: here we are sharing our quick makeup tips for every day of your life.

How to do the perfect eyebrow