Tina Arena... just getting better & better!

Made in Australia - Tina Arena, singer who had a hit with 'Chains' in the

Tina Arena

One of my Idols who i grew up listening to most of my life and someone who is a true Inspiration Tina Arena!

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Now I Can Dance by Tina Arena Beloved songstress Tina Arena tells her own story of song, determination, success and finding love when she least expects it. Great gift for anyone who can't help but sing along when Chains comes on the radio!

Tina Arena with the Sydney Symphony

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE: Pop sensation Tina Arena presents a series of stellar live performances across the country, including this concert with the renowned Sydney Symphony.

Tina Arena (1967) (source unknown*)

Tina Arena (1967) (source unknown*)

Tina arena, what a journey.

Tina Arena - The Global Gift Gala Paris 2014