An amazing idea…

An amazing idea…

DIY :: game for kids :: Tape yarn across a hallway for a "laser obstacle course".-----except for I think this would be an awesome thing to do in a hallway!

Then I'm the most badass badass to ever badass.

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A traitor to all humanity. But then again I got mine takes away coz the teacher was fed up with me drawing on everything in pen

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I was the last one in my class to get my pen licence and I only got it because it was the last day of year < i had to move schools and only had one year before moving to high school, so my teacher was like, nah u don't need a pen license, haha

Lol it's like you're pushing something up a hill and drop it half way up and you how to push it up again

…it sucks then just have to re-open, or u close the one ur suppost to be on an the teacher sees the one your actually on oops!