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several pens, pencils and markers are in a holder on a wooden cabinet door
a workbench filled with lots of tools and other things on it's wall
French Cleat Tool Wall
the diagram shows how to make a diy platform
Overhead Fan Mount
Overhead Fan Mount: Cool your shop with this easy to make and very flexible ceiling fan.
a man is working on the electrical wiring in his home office, with words describing how to wire wires
Shop Tips
If you’re tired of tripping over extension cords and accidentally kicking them loose from the outlet, hang ’em high using the simple suspension cable shown. When you’re done for the day, the whole cord system slides back against the wall. Begin by driving two screw eyes into a ceiling joist to hold the clothesline. Fasten the clothesline to one screw eye, slip the metal shower curtain rings over it, and attach the other end to the other screw eye. Space the rings along the clothesline as ...
woodworking poster with instructions on how to use it
Woodworking Knowledge Metal Sign Carpenter Tin Poster Planing Diagram Plaque Home Kitchen Club Garage Cafe Wall Decoration 12x16 Inches
PRICES MAY VARY. Material: Tin /Metal 100% New. Size:About (20x30cm) 8x12 Inches, (30x40cm) 12x16 Inches, (30x43cm) 12x17 Inches and (30x45.5cm) 12x18 Inches. Easy To Hang:Four Small Pre-Drilled Holes In Each Corner Of This Painting.So It Is Easy Hanging (Ideal For Thumbtacks, Screws Or Small Nails). Useful:This Metal Sign About Woodworking Knowledge Are Widely Used At Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Houses, Coffee Shops, Stores, Restaurants Decorations Or Can Be Used For Wedding, Birthday Or Any Kinds Of Ev
a workbench filled with lots of tools and wrenches hanging on the wall
Sturdy Garage Workbench With Top Pegboard, Cabinet and Bottom Shelf
a workbench with many tools on the wall
Garage Bench & Storage