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an upholstered wooden chair with blue and white fabric on it's seat
Traditional Meets Modern at This Charming Texas Home
a dining room table with a chair cover on it
We Need New Upholstery But Can't Afford To Buy It
a kitchen with an island and chairs in it
Updated Ikea Counter Stools with Bar Stool Slipcovers
Updated Ikea Counter Stools with Bar Stool Slipcovers
an image of a window with curtains and valances on the bottom, in front of a
a kitchen with white counter tops and wooden cabinetry, along with a plant in a basket on the window sill
two rolls of burlock fabric on top of each other in different sizes and colors
24" Width Natural Rattan Square Webbing, Radio Weave, Rattan for Caning Projects (3 Feet)
PRICES MAY VARY. Weave is 24" wide and does not include the fringe along outside Handmade and 100% natural U.S. business, shipped & sold from the U.S. Products are carefully inspected before shipment. Satisfaction guaranteed! Excellent quality rattan cane webbing used for chairs, DIY home decor projects, boho & farmhouse inspired decor, natural earthy material. Applications include chairs, cabinets, cupboards, headboards etc. Dimensions: Material is 24" wide from the inside weave and does not in
someone is cutting up the edge of a pillow with scissor and thread on it
L'histoire insolite d’une entreprise de filature de laine en Ardèche
L'aventure a commencé dans les années 80, lorsque quelques amis se sont rassemblés pour remettre en état de fonctionnement la filature de Saint-Pierreville, située au cœur de l'Ardèche.
an upholstered bench with red and white fabric on it's backrest
two pictures one is white and the other has wood beads on it with flowers in a vase
DIY Farmhouse IDEAS
#farmhouseideas #modernfarmhouse #farmhouse
a green and white ottoman sitting on top of a rug
Susan Deliss Patmos in hedge green | Idee per interni, Arredamento d'interni, Design per camere da letto
a living room with two couches and a footstool
DIY Tufted Ottoman - M Is for Mama
ishandchi ottoman
a blue and white ottoman sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall
Blue and White Paisley Ottoman
a person is opening up a chair in the middle of a room with white cabinets and green chairs
Lpm ame
an old coffee table is transformed into a glass top ottoman with metal legs and footrests
the foot stool is decorated with animals and flowers on it's sides, along with an ottoman cover
Beautiful DIY Ottoman { From a Pallet and a Mattress Topper! }
an open box sitting on top of a wooden table
How to Build a Storage Ottoman
the diy ottoman is made from an old crate
Affordable DIY Ottomans
the layers of a mattress are labeled in this diagram, with labels on each side
Slip Seat Upholstery
before and after photos of a coffee table with tufted legs, turned into a bench
a couch and ottoman in a living room next to each other with the same mattress on it
Beautiful DIY Ottoman { From a Pallet and a Mattress Topper! }
an open box with parts labeled in the top and bottom, including flooring boards
How to Build a Storage Ottoman
How to Build an Upholstered Storage Ottoman. This gives you the measurements of every piece of wood and fabric along with a list of what tools you will need.
before and after photos of an old couch that has been repurposed into a bench
four pictures showing different types of mattresses and how to make them look like they are made
DIY headboard in a diamond tufted pattern | pattern | DIY headboard in a diamond tufted pattern | By MetDaan Fashion | Hi, guys. Today, we are going to see a hard board in the making. It's a soft frame with a diamond tufted pattern. They are going to create a rhomba shape. The alpine ink is the most helpful tip. Using birch plywood and fiber board for this project. Then, attaching the foam rubber, it is going to be a soft one. Making sure it's attached very well onto the frame. Adding the rhombus shape onto the foam robber as well. Next comes the fabric doing the rhombo shape on it. Attaching the piece onto the foam rubber and frame. The color is so pretty. She's attaching it so carefully and gently. Creating the diamond shape following the lines and holes created earlier. Repeating the process until the diamond shapes are all done. She is attaching everything on the back as well. It is looking so good already. We are so excited to see the end result. The bottom of the headboard is going to be straight lines. The velour fabric is so soft and comfortable. Magnificent under works so far. Everything is tightly secured and laid. Now, she's adding the buttons in the middle of the diamond. So satisfying. Attaching more pieces around the hard board to complete the work. It's turning out so good. The process is close to being finished. Want a headboard without beads. She's adding them around the frame. So elegant and beautiful. What do you guys think of this amazing category? Are you impressed just like we are?
Bedroom featuring black walls with a traditional style jute and wool area rug with a white linen bed and brown English style bench. Inspo, Kamar Tidur, Modern, Wallpaper
Transitional Bedroom Look