Chocolate Nut Butter Cups via @iquitsugar

Chocolate Nut Butter Cups

These sugar-free Chocolate Nut Butter Cups are from New York Times best-seller Sarah Wilson& I Quit Sugar book.

2-Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies via @iquitsugar

2-Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies

Yep, just two ingredients will get you these naturally sweetened, Banana Bread Cookies. Choose your favourite add-ins to make them even more tasty! – I Quit Sugar

Raspberry Chia Jam via @iquitsugar

Raspberry Chia Jam

Raspberry Chia Jam / I Quit Sugar (Raspberries, fresh or frozen, 1 tablespoon rice malt syrup, chia seeds)

Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns via @iquitsugar

Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns

Lemon Meringue Pies in Jars via @iquitsugar

Lemon Meringue Pies in Jars

Think sugar-free meringue can’t be done? This easy recipe whips up light, fluffy, cloud-like meringue without any fructose!

Fudgy Brownie Cupcakes via @iquitsugar

Fudgy Brownie Cupcakes

Are there still people in your life who think quitting sugar means quitting all things delicious and decadent? A batch of these fudgy chocolatey (and totally sugar-free*) cupcakes is sure to change their mind. – I Quit Sugar

Paleo Hot Cross Buns via @iquitsugar

Paleo Hot Cross Buns

Mini Paleo Egg + Bacon McMuffins via @iquitsugar

Mini Paleo Egg + Bacon McMuffins

Gingerbread Christmas Cookies via @iquitsugar

Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

These Christmas cookies are from our I Quit Sugar: Christmas Cookbook. They& gluten-free and fructose-friendly, suitable for any guest.