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Dear transphobic parents. Remember when you got asked if the baby was gonna be a boy or girl and you said you didn't care? Why do you care now when your kid is transgendered?

Dear transophobic parents, remember when you said, as long as there happy and healthy we will love them no matter what. So why is it you treat your trans child like a joke? Making them feel horrible for what they are

Wipe out transphobia. I can't even tell which one is the before and after. What does it matter the gender one feels is them?

Wipe out transphobia. People should be allowed to feel comfortable in their own skin with out having to fear being judged or physically harmed.

"It isn't about "becoming" another person- I already am who I am- I just want my body to reflect that. It's not like I'm suddenly changing from the person you've always known- this is more about your willingness to see who I've always been." -Cooper Lee Bombardier

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A quote from a transgendered male.

Text Reads: My body does not define who I am. I am a boy, but my body may show different. I know who I am, and I don’t need anyone to tell me and call me what I’m not. Submitted by Anon