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Grain Free Gingerbread Biscuits

Shares 2 When my kids were little, their favourite Christmas tradition was eating gingerbread ‘star biscuits’ and drinking ‘pearl tea’ (hot water, almond milk and honey), while …

The perfect gluten free chocolate chip cookies

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How to Make Lacto-fermented Blueberry Soda |

Lacto-fermented blueberry soda is not only easy to make at home, it's also a healthful alternative to sugar and chemical-filled commercial sodas. Blueberries, organic sugar and a starter culture are all you need to make lacto-fermented blueberry soda!

Cauliflower 'Bread'

Gluten Free Cauliflower ‘Bread’ (topped with avocado and sour cream) - ½ small cauliflower, trimmed of core one egg ¼ cup mozzarella cheese and Parmesan blend (you can just use mozzarella) 1 tsp dried oregano salt and pepper to season 1 tsp olive oil

grain free pizza crust*

Easy Grain Free Pizza Crust: 8 eggs cup coconut flour 3 T melted butter or coconut oil tsp of oregano/ Mix all in an electric mixer, pour into greased pan. Bake 15 mins or til it poofs up, turns golden. Take it out of the oven and cover