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DIY Bunny Napkin Candles
Earlier this year I shared a tutorial for a napkin candle that you all loved so much it went viral! And since it was such an easy DIY I thought it would be fun to try it again for Easter. Only one problem, the napkins I chose this time were way thinner than the ones I used earlier this year. So when I tried the blow dryer method with these napkins the napkin ripped. I tried it 3-4 different times and different ways with the blow dryer and after 2 hours I finally gave up. Finally, I decided to try a different method using an iron instead. So I decided to get an iron, just for crafting, I figured I already have a blow dryer just for crafts, I might as well have an iron for crafts too. And guess what, it worked! Not only did it work, but it was so much easier and quicker than the blow
Daisies 3 tier Resin Mold, Cake Stand Resin Molds, DIY Cupcake Holder, Pressed flower frame
there is a collage with flowers and birds