Leila Sanderson

Leila Sanderson

Melbourne  ·  I live in Melbourne, Australia. I work for Furniture Maker and Landscaper Greg Hatton and Florist Katie Marx. I own online store www.skinnywolf.com.au
Leila Sanderson
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Some labels are better worn on a fancy prize ribbon. I came across these buttons on flickr & instantly thought how hysterical they would be to have at a party. Definite DIY favor for my next soiree.

I want to do prize ribbons like this for the madlibs (or some of them) that are posted on the backs of seats in the shuttles, then after I'd like them to be displayed at the reception on a M Wall of Fame

How To Make 18th c. Cockades

Historical costuming and vintage sewing projects, with dress diaries and research on period dress from the to the century.

PRIZE-RIBBON-BROOCH by the amazing Cathe Holden at just something i made

Cathe Holden’s Inspired Barn

Following on from last week's post , here are my notes on making a pleated ribbon cockade. Any sort of reasonably firm ribbon can be used,...

How to make a pleated ribbon cockade