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Branding design for sustainable underwear brand - brand design inspiration
several cardboard boxes with the word keeper printed on them, all lined up in rows
Clothing Branding Packaging Design by Studio Mer
a green box sitting on top of a gray couch
SUPEREGG® Packaging
there is a luxury in simplicity box on the table
Cloth & Paper Planning + Stationery Sub Box
an open white box with a woman's face on the front and back side
brand design Guut nutritional supplements, brand packaging, logo G
an open box with some cards inside of it
Oak Essentials Review: A Skincare Line from Jenni Kayne - Jeans and a Teacup
an open box containing two bottles of yoko perfumes, one in grey and the other in white
an unopened box of matches sits next to the cardboard package that is open
a white box sitting on top of a shelf
Viodermin Life Drops serums
some type of paper with the words baltic and bay on it
Batic And Bay
three boxes of victoria beckham lip balm sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
Victoria Beckham Cosmetics Packaging > Progress
Victoria Beckham Cosmetics Packaging > Progress
Brand design Aleira | Logo | Lesse studio
A cardboard soft green tea box with an embossed line pattern inspired by Kyoto gardens. It features the company, Baseline, logo and product description inside a pebble shape. Body Lotions, Product Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging, Premium Packaging, Tea Packaging
Baseline Matcha — Merel Lloyd-Parker Studio