(GL) Grevillea 'Long John' Seems a little too dry for here but might be a good accent.

(GL) Grevillea 'Long John' use two of these along the west fence. Beautiful spring flowers and evergreen foliage!

Australian Native Grass Species Naturally: Lomandra Confertifolia Ssp Rubiginosa Floral Cascade

Natural Plantscape Wholesale supply of Landscaping Grasses Australian Plants Lomandra Confertifolia ssp Rubiginosa Floral Cascade, Lomandra Confertifolia Little Tuffy, Lomandra Patens Inspire from Yarra Valley, Wandin, Melbourne Victoria

Australian Plant Image Index conostylis candicans

Australian Plant Image Index conostylis candicans

Australia's Buckinghamia celsissima (Ivory Curl Tree) by jemasmith, via Flickr

Buckinghamia celsissima, commonly known as Ivory Curl, is a species of trees, constituting part of the plant family Proteaceae. They grow naturally only (endemic) in the wet tropic rainforest areas of north eastern Queensland, Australia