These Australian Exploration Cards are great for learning about the history of Australia.

Australian Exploration Cards

Gold Rush Year 5 Artworks on Art with Mrs Baker

L esson Background: As a part of our History unit, students have been learning about and researching century significant peopl.

SBS GOLD ~ The story and impact of the gold rushes on Australia

SBS GOLD ~ The story and impact of the gold rushes on Australia is great website that can be used in class to help explain the gold rush period and the impacts it has had on our land.

Gold Rush is an interactive game for 1-4 players. You select a player (as seen in picture) and lead them through their personal journey during the Gold Rush. The game challenges students to become wealthy at the end, but also questions the students moral judgements and values of being a good citizen. A very good resource to use while teaching about civics and citizenship, as it gives students a choice they must make; perhaps gaining wealth versus ignoring their responsibilities as a citizen.

Can you strike it rich during the Gold Rush? is a decision-maker game for primiary and secondary students. This historical education resource is produced by Australian History Mysteries.

A Nation sub-divided 1831 to 1836 In 1831, Captain James Stirling arrived to take control of the new colony of Western Australia. Image copyright "Atlas of NSW 2010".

A Nation sub-divided 1863 - 1910 Northern Territory annexed by South Australia 1863 (subsequently transferred to Commonwealth Federal Capital Territory proclaimed 1910 (renamed Australian Capital Territory

Explorers of Australia -

Explorers of Australia.