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Gardening with native plants

Author and naturalist Christine Lister knows a thing or two about native plants, growing more than 160 gum trees in her hideaway in the Melbourne suburb of Montmorency. Take a stroll through her garden for some local inspiration.

Eucalyptus ‘Silver Princess’ at Heide, Melbourne -  espaliered against a black wall:  a great way to deal with it, as it is naturally weeping but also very weak and needs heavy staking for the first few years.  In front is a combination of foliage colours provided by dwarf Kangaroo paws, Eremophila glabra prostrate, Xanthorrhoea and Themeda ‘Quokka’.

Eucalyptus ‘Silver Princess’ at Heide

Eucalyptus Edna Walling Little Snowman

Eucalyptus Little Snowman Eucalyptus pauciflora (small form) Small slender tree with white trunk & branches. Massed white blossoms at ends of pendulous stems spring summer.

Two plants of Lomandra confertifoli ssp rubiginosa with, in the foreground, smaller plants of Lomandra filiformis, Snape garden

Australian natives including two plants of Lomandra confertifoli ssp rubiginosa, with in the foreground, smaller plants of Lomandra filiformis.

Ballynoe Cottage: Garden Inspiration: Helen's Garden

Helen's garden is always a continuous source of inspiration to me. It is a kind of Australian garden that combines the best of exotic, nativ.