Five LOW PREP Fraction Centers to Make in a Minute! Skills include : Comparing Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Adding Fractions, Number Line Fractions, Fractional Parts of a Set!

Math Centers: Fractions

This math product includes five LOW PREP Fraction Centers! These centers were made with busy teachers in mind! Each center can be prepped in just about a minute!

A comic style illustration of a range of people from colonial times

Primary — Years 3 to 7 Five media-rich units of work that bring literacy and language learning to a broader and imaginative understanding of our world through literature and inquiry, supported by geography, science and history.

Australian National Curriculum Resources

Australian National Curriculum Resources Terrific resources and graphic organisers for each of the modes of the English curriculum - narrative writing analysis, reading/viewing, listening/speaking, writing

Australian Curriculum - Maths from Foundation to Year Six

An size word document (docx) with all the Australian Curriculum Content Standards displayed in a table. The standards are grouped so that at a glance you can see last years expectations, and next years, for the same content area. (for this purpose year

Australian Curriculum Writing Self-Assessment Rubric - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Writing self assessment rubrics: will be adapting these for my and printing multiple copies.

Spelling Matrix for Years 3/4/5 - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Summary: The spelling matrix can be adapted to suit any year level/any class. It is designed to provide students with a range of spelling activities.

Year 4 English Lesson Plans Archives - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Exploring Length Lesson: Measuring, Estimating, Comparing and Ordering - Year - Australian Curriculum Lessons