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Blessing & a curse

This is SO ME it's not even a joke. Except, instead of spiritual gift I think it's more a curse


A great anti-cheating idea or cell phone management technique. Place students' phones on the ledge of your chalkboard or white board with their name written above.

funny modern family quotes | Dump A Day Friday's Funny Pictures - 50 Pics

One of my favorite shows of all time and with fall coming up that means a whole new season of the Dunphys, espcially Phil show is the life blood of the show. Enjoy these Modern Family TV Quotes. See more modern family quotes.

You never know someone...

You never really know someone until you play UNO with them and that jerk hits you with a Draw Four. This is how card games are when you play with my family. My mom is deadly!

Myrtle died, Ginny was kidnapped, Katie was given a cursed object that later harmed her, do I need to go on?

Funny pictures about When girls go to the bathroom together. Oh, and cool pics about When girls go to the bathroom together. Also, When girls go to the bathroom together.


Apology via roses! Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 110 Pics That still wouldn't be enough roses. The room and the room next to it would have to be full.

Gollum says: Yes, I took my happy pills!

All work and no play make Niki a pale girl! I`m not sitting back and complaining about my palehood, I`m embracing it! You know you`re a pale girl when.

Rainbow stairs!

Architect Ab Rogers has fitted out this strikingly bonkers property off Portobello Road. In addition to the steel slide features a multicoloured central spiral staircase and a 360 degree rotating master bed.

I could never look at this picture and not be happy. OINK!

OMG a baby pig eating ice cream is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

This is so true!

Stages of Sleepiness. This is me all the time thanks to nursing school!