Trampboarding Tricks

Just messin round on my kids trampoline with an old skate deck throwing down a few tricks.

Slow Like Concrete (Hallett Cove Skate Park)

Slow Like Concrete by Mark Jansen (Hallett Cove Skate Park)

Skate Dogs (My Skateboarding Buddies)

Jus rollin with ma dawgs. Music : Having Fun by ASHWAN (c) 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license.

Noisy at Oaks (Oaklands Skate Park Adelaide)

Noisy at Oaks by Mark Jansen (Oaklands Skate Park Adelaide)

The Ghosts Dont Mind (Hallett Cove Skate Park Adelaide)

The Ghosts Dont Mind by Mark Jansen (Hallett Cove Skate Park Adelaide)

Emptee and Komplete - West Beach Skatepark Sesh (Adelaide)

Emptee and Komplete by Mark Jansen (West Beach Skatepark Adelaide)

Slow Burn (Seaford Skate Sesh)

Slow Burn by Mark Jansen (Seaford Skate Park, Adelaide)

Australia Day Sesh

Thought I'd throw together a quick backyard sesh for you guys over some funky beats. Insert your own embarrassing dance m.

Race Me, Chase Me, Never Cage Me

Quick sesh while admiring the new art at the park. Love rocking up and seeing fresh paint. Always gets me inspired to shred a little :D Have an awesome day g.

Wake up and smell the SKATE!

Just about snapped my ankle a month ago but now back on the board and happy to be shreddin again. Background Music - Teru - My Audio Wake U.