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Aw Jensen you shouldn't have!

I die like twenty thousand times every time I see a gif like this

gifset--Dean in the white shirt "I bought an app!"White makes his eyes pop.

Jensen Ackles

Hello there Dean Winchester - Supernatural


Mobile Apps Fan on

I cant get over how HOTT this man is in this suit!<<<< every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man

"Future Dean" damn he was hot!

Future Dean and the sexy thigh holster. Am I the only person that got uncontrollably happy when I saw what an amazing jeep he drove? I mean, there is nothing sexier than Jensen Ackles driving a nice jeep!

Dean Winchester there is just something about a man in a vest.

........0_0.......... - So many cute - Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles - Supernatural gif

- So many cute - Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles - Supernatural gif <<< DEAD

Supernatural Everybody Loves A Clown 2x02 // that walk though

Gif Jensen / Dean walking like a man

Dean # Supernatural

Jensen Ackles' eyes make me melt.

This is just ....perfection

Jensen Ackles, trying to act all tough (and succeeding because he is a brilliant actor)

Dean in a waistcoat. Deleted scene<<< WHY?

Jensen Ackles #Supernatural

Happy birthday Dean Winchester and dont die anytime soon ok

Dean's voice

I now read "son of a bitch" not only in Deans voice, but the exact way he says it.

Dean winchester supernatural Jensen Ackles

(Banquo)Jensen Ackles born March 1 1978 is an american actor who stars in the show Superntural

Jensen Ackles

Jensen in cowboys stuff