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Sad Quotes About Love; Which Express How Much It Hurts! - Trend To Wear

Sad Quotes About Love; Which Express How Much It Hurts! - Trend To Wear

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Not to sound needy or possessive, but it kind of breaks your self esteem down when the guy you like goes after another girl. No, they don't belong to you, but you still end up hurting, no matter how much you want for that person to be happy.

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i set this as my wallpaper in my phone and surprisingly the person to whom this is about just got to see it and he looked at me weirdly and returned my phone. okay, so much for making my wallpaper my go to shoutouts :

please read this and knows it's about you bc i'm too damn scared to tell you myself

I’m pretty sure I’ve been denying to myself how much I like you, but every time we meet eyes I have a tiny panic attack and i just felt like we kept on having these tiny moments today and it was probably just in my head, but either way it felt nice.

Not cute but very true. More

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