Mebourne Cup 2014 - Best and Worst Dressed

Rebecca Judd, Bec Hewitt, Megan Gale and Gabi Grecko ... who nailed it and who failed it? #MelbourneCup
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#LAURENPHILLIPS. Here’s how to add edge to an outfit, a leather peplum embellished with zippers. I’m not sure that’s even in the fashion dictionary (that doesn’t exist either, I just made it up) but it’s sure working. I like the choice of black accessories to really ground the outfit.

Lauren Phillips at Melbourne Cup wearing Arthur Galan AG dress, Natalie Bikicki headpiece, Tony Bianco shoes

#REBECCAJUDD Let’s talk about the great things on this outfit. That gold hat is quite possibly the best of the day, the shoes are divine and bonus, look comfortable, and the dress ticks the fun box, most definitely. I do wish it didn’t have sleeves though – something about the gathered hem is making it feel too I Dream of Jeannie. Can someone find Bec some scissors?

Rebecca Judd Photos - Rebecca Judd attends the Lavazza Marquee on Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse on November 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

#GABIGRECKO. Oh come on. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of wearing an eagle-inspired headpiece to Melbourne Cup. Gabi Grecko channels a little Victoria’s Secret Angel, and while it’s not exactly in keeping with style guides for Cup Day, one has to be a teensy bit admiring of her fashion chutzpah. After all, what’s Melbourne Cup without crazy clowns and feathers? If I might say so, I do think the armband has tipped it over the edge. And perhaps the crown stockings.

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#LAURADUNDOVIC. She showed up in a simple red dress to flaunt her knockout figure, but the winner was the headpiece which looks like a snake about to slither onto her nose. Whether that creeps you out or whether you love it, it sure is interesting. Points deducted for the Kate Middleton Nude Shoe however. They’re lovely, but a bit boring.

Best and worst dressed celebs in the birdcage at the 2014 Melbourne Cup

MEGAN GALE. Look out! #MeganGale is back after the birth of her baby and she’s announcing it in a skintight red number with amazing hat and those to-die-for shoes. Some might wonder how she’s getting away with such a svelte dress, but Megan knows the trick of the trade is all in a figure-hugging silhouette which hides more than it shows. Truly.

Best and worst dressed celebs in the birdcage at the 2014 Melbourne Cup

#GIGIHADDAD This international model has really nailed it in Barbie pink #AlexPerry, but it’s her star-filled headpiece that brings the outfit home. Ladies please note: this is the exact ratio of delicate to pretty to sexy to ladylike that you need in a #MelbourneCup outfit. She looks comfortably gorgeous.

Trending Fashion Color: Barbie in Pink. Gigi Hadid in Stars tiara + Girly pink lace cocktail-dress at Melbourne Cup