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This is one cat you'd definitely want to eat: Totoro Onigiri! This Studio Ghibli bento is seriously adorable. What other anime bentos would you like to see?


It not just a food box, it's about sharing deep within your heart. What is Bento? A “ bento ” in Japan is a pre-made lunch you bring .

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Sushi Bunnies Bento , originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥ . Who can resist hot dog sushi? Especially when they& hot dog bunnies?

Hello kitty sushi

Funny pictures about Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls. Oh, and cool pics about Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls. Also, Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls.

Shark attack sushi

Great White Shark Sushi Plate Let this great white shark take a bite out of your sushi roll with this custom made sushi plate! The shark's mouth serves as the soy sauce holder. --I want to watch shark week and eat sushi with this

No...not Nemo!!!

Eight Strange Sushi Creations Too Good to Eat


panda sushi roll - there is one way to get kids to eat foods they think they dont like ;

Purrrfect sushi

BENTO BOX LUNCH: CUTE CAT Bento are Japenese home-prepared meal served in special boxes. The rice kitty reclines contentedly on a bed of seafood and veggies, her whiskers and tiger stripes rendered in nori (seaweed), her paws and ears in lunch meat.