Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Vintage Inspired Novelty Brooch - Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Statement Brooch Pin - Fairy Tale Jewelry by Tangerine Menagerie on Etsy

Red Riding Hood Brooch

Red Riding Hood Vintage Inspired Fairy Tale Novelty Brooch by Tangerine Menagerie on Etsy


This beautiful owl brooch is made of five hand-painted layers of plexiglass, finished off with a glossy coat of crystal-clear resin.

Sleeping Fox

Cute Sleeping Fox Vintage-Inspired Novelty Brooch Pin by TangerineMenagerie on Etsy


If you need a little more magic in your life, we have a friend to introduce you to! The glittering unicorn is a vintage-inspired novelty brooch by Tangerine Menagerie

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Vintage Inspired Novelty Brooch - Alice in Wonderland Statement Brooch Pin - Retro Fairy Tale Pinup Brooch

Flying to Neverland

Flying to Neverland Vintage Inspired Novelty Brooch - Literary Statement Brooch - Fairytale Jewelry

Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland Novelty Brooch Pin by Tangerine Menagerie