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a desk with a laptop, keyboard and mouse on it that says 10 leadership smart goals for new managers
Stand Out as a New Leader: SMART Goal Setting Examples for High Impact
Being the new boss comes with growing pains. Set yourself up for success by learning how to create SMART goals that drive results. With example goals that focus on communication, productivity, and more, this article is a must-read for rookie managers who want to succeed.
a woman standing next to a car with the words 6 types of toxic boss and how to deal with them
Difference between a Boss and a Leader
The following info-graphic and video points out most of the possible differences between a Boss and a Leader.
a smiling woman in a yellow jacket and white top standing with her arms crossed looking at the camera
Habits of successful leaders in the workplace
a woman sitting at a desk with an open book in front of her
Essential Situational Leadership Books to Guide You to Greater Success
Not all leadership is the same. What works well for one scenario will not necessarily do well with others even if it is a similar event. The slightest change of a situation may require an impromptu change of leadership style for the moment. Someone who was a terrific leader of one group of people may struggle with a different group.
the cover of 10 characteristics of a bad leader
Avoid These 10 Characteristics of a Bad Leadership
Improve your leadership skills by avoiding these 10 characteristics of bad leadership. Understand the consequences and enhance your productivity.
a woman sitting in front of books with the title how these 5 books can make you art
How These 5 Books Can Make You Articulate Better
an older man standing in front of a microsoft logo
Satya Nadella: 6 leadership lessons from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to fuel success | - Times of India
the words how to prepare for a manager position
How to prepare for a manager position
What now? How do I prepare for this responsibility? What do I need as a first-time manager? Well, it's your lucky day because I've been in your shoes. I, too, was a first-time manager with no experience managing a team. So, in this blog post, I'll share all my knowledge and practical tips to help you prepare for your new role and excel as a manager. #firsttimemanager #managertips #leadershiptips #firsttimeleader
a man sitting in a chair with his hand to his face and the words advice for new managers
Practical Advice For New Managers
As a new manager I was Crippled with fear of failure, Struggling from imposter syndrome, Deathly afraid of conflict, and a Perfectionist. I also had no guidance or direction. Now that I’m a bit wiser I want to go back and just talk through some of my specific struggles and then give advice to my past self which inadvertently is advice for new managers because I was a new manager at the time myself. Follow my drift? Let’s get started! #MakedaAndrews #NewMangerTips #LeadershipAdvice
a man sitting at a desk with his thumbs up in front of him and the text, the silent killer recognizing when good employees stop caring
The Silent Killer: Recognizing When Good Employees Stop Caring
One of the most common characteristics of companies that continually lead the way in their industries is having a workforce that is loyal and cares deeply about their jobs. Unfortunately, this is often the exception rather than the rule.
the book cover for life of a leader, which features an image of a man running on
Life Of A Leader: What A Leader Does Everyday To Be Successful
Joseph C. Maxwell writes in his book, “How Successful People Lead: Taking Your Influence to the Next Level”, “Leadership is a process, not a position.” Leadership is different from management, because management thrives “when things stay the same.” On the other hand, “Leadership deals with people and their dynamics.”
a man holding up a sign with the words the 10 leadership fundamentals every leader needs to know
The 10 Leadership Fundamentals Every Leader Needs to Know
Being a leader takes a set of skills that need to be developed over time. Strong foundations are necessary for effective leadership, yet many leaders in the world today are unclear about the core leadership fundamentals.
a man reading a book with the title, the 9 best leadership books to uplevl in your career
9 Best Leadership Books Every Leader Must Read
Looking for books about leadership? From classics to new bestsellers, and everything in between, we’ve prepared a list of the best books to help you become a better leader. Read these top professional development books and build outstanding leadership skills for business and personal life. We have recommendations for women, men, and everyone in between--that is to say, everybody! #leadership #leadershipbooks #careerbooks #bestleadershipbooks #topleadershipbooks
the best ways to become a good leader