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★** this is an animated gif~ please click to see the animation! **★ cat ears? yes please~! :3>>> NEKO X3

gif kitty cat cute anime kawaii kitten animated gif neko anime gif tachibana mei anime cat kawaii cat kawaii neko sukite ii na yo sukite


>:( arm up blue eyes blue hair blush coat frown giratina hair ornament hairclip hat highres hikari (pokemon) holding holding poke ball long hair looking at another looking at viewer poke ball pokemon pokemon (creature) red eyes scarf slit pupils tran

Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Pokemon Sun and Moon! Released November wait to have this game especially to trade over my GEN 1 Pokemon from Yellow Version.


Goodbye I'm going to FairyTail thank you world! Tell my friends and family that I live them. I'm taking my friend because we both chose this anime.