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a poster with the words teach a child to read in different colors and font styles
How to Teach a Child to Read: The Ultimate Guide
How to Teach a Child to Read: The Ultimate Guide - The Classroom Key
a bulletin board made out of clothes pegs with letters and numbers written on them
Activity Ideas for 12-18 Month-Olds — Oh Hey Let's Play
two children playing with toys in a playroom
Rainy Day Activity
two children's drawings with the words b has a belly and d wears a diaper
An "Oprah-Style" Giveaway & a Peek at Earth Day!
three baskets filled with toys and numbers on top of a wooden floor next to the words phonicics baskets
Sorting Baskets Phonics Activity - The Imagination Tree
Phonics activity using sorting baskets -- The Imagination Tree
an apple themed notebook with the words add the apples written on it next to rocks and leaves
there are crayons and markers on the paper
Do-A-Dot Learning Activities • Capturing Parenthood
Heart craft using a hot glue hack for making geometric shapes and staying in the lines!
Baby Sponge Water Bin!
Fruit Loop Rainbow Craft
One of my Top 5 Favorite Baby & Toddler Activities: Color Matching Posting Box!
Fine Motor Activity for Kids