'Everybody hurts when you speed' - Three minute montage - TAC campaign -...

On 28 March 19 year old Luke Robinson died in a crash as a result of speeding. This is just one of the hundreds of people who were touched by that one .

Rethink Speed - TAC 2016

Film advertisment created by BBDO, Australia for Transport Accident Commission, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

"Mum in a Hurry" TAC's anti speed TV ad

The target of speeding messages was broadened with this commercial that shows how the pressures of time and a busy day cause a Mum to rush from one thing to .

"Slo-Mo" TAC Anti Speed TV Ad

Many people were sceptical that driving 5 km/h slower could make a difference to speed on impact. With the help of crash expert Dr Ian Johnston, and an airfi.

"Bush Telegraph" TAC Drink Drive TV ad

Australian Drink Driving campaign "If you drink and drive.

Bloody Idiots TAC Drink Drive TV ad

In early December, leading into the festive season, a new drink drive television commercial "Bloody Idiots" will be launched as part of the Christmas campaig.

Pictures of You - TAC's Anti Speed TV ad campaign

The TAC's 'Pictures of You' anti speed campaign features real families grieving over victims of the road toll. The TAC worked with a number of special people.

"Girlfriend" - TAC's first TV ad produced

'Girlfriend' was the first ever TAC ad produced. The story of a young drunk driver who seriously injures his girlfriend, is confronted at the hospital by her.

Auto Emergency Braking (AEB) TAC TV ad, 2016

This TAC Auto Emergency Braking (AEB) ad demonstrates the importance of the car safety feature and why you should include it on your list when buying a new c.

'Joey' TAC Drink Drive ad

'Joey' TAC Drink Drive ad

Little Bit Dead  TAC drink driving ad

Little Bit Dead TAC drink driving ad

TAC Victoria (Australia) 1998 TV ad - "speed kills"

Entitled "Young Cops", this Australian TV spot shows the dangers of speeding, and the tag line "Don't fool yourself, speed kills".

"Kombi" Night Shift TAC TV ad

The Kombi van commercial is the most remembered of all. It was the first to tackle the issue of fatigue and sleep deprivation, that is responsible for around.

"SWAP" TAC Drug Drive Ad

The TAC launched a new public education campaign in July 2009 targeting occasional cannabis users.