collection of hand carved wooden plates and white crockery w/ bird and branch designs . Love Milo I want these

Australian seed pods by Iamalchemy on Instagram

Autumn in Australia: seed pods

Scribbly bark eucalypt...the result of the larvae of a moth burrowing under the bark.

Scribbly Gum Tree Bark - too capture the fluidity in a brush stroke - oh my

Seeded Eucalyptus wreath, lovely continuous pattern created by overlapping.

~Eucalyptus-Krans via Belgian Pearls

Garden Buzz Dessert Plate #anthropologie

Garden Buzz Dessert Plate 3 of 3 mothers day

This is very beautiful

Nature is vv beautiful.

banksia pod painting

pod and pod gallery

Eucalyptus rhodantha

Eucalyptus caesia Watercolour by Halina Steele (Australia)

Print from the original botanical watercolour of Australian native eucalyptus Silver Princess by Zoya Makarova

Eucalyptus watercolor print A5, 10x8, A4; Australian native flora botanical print; nature wall art print; Australian contemporary art

LINE This vertical print of the Silver Princess Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus caesia) branch The print is from original botanical watercolour painted Zoya Makarova.

Cathy Klees

Australian native eucalyptus with pink blossoms by Cathy Klees

Dessin Illustration réalisé à la main - Affiche A4 en Edition limitée- Branche d'Eucalyptus

Illustration drawing made by hand - numbered limited Edition Poster - branch of Eucalyptus - pseudo-petiole - Botanic Poster

Drawing Illustration handmade - Limited Edition numbered poster - branch of…

weeping bottlebrush

Callistemon viminalis, weeping bottlebrush, good along drainage swales or at the bottom of banks as live where water tables are high, shallow rooted

Liz annotation- In this image as the title implies it is made up of leaves and although they are not straight or facing one direction there is still pattern implied due to the similar colours mostly made up of earthy tones   Different greens yellows browns and greys and many are the same size as others which implies pattern as some are still patterns in their own formation but they are not disimilar from one another in the overall image

bb - beautiful patterning showcasing diverity and unity

Banksia 558 | Helen Fitzgerald - Botanical & Wildlife artist | Helen Fitzgerald

Banksia 558 | Helen Fitzgerald - Botanical & Wildlife artist | Helen Fitzgerald

notjustnat creative blog: Vintage Japanese fabric dyed with eucalyptus leaves

Great result dyeing with vintage Japanese wool and eucalyptus