Linda Woodrow

Linda Woodrow
Kyogle, NSW, Australia / Food that is good for you, good for the planet, and just plain good ... all at once!
Linda Woodrow
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Mango Upside Down Cake

Maybe a week more of mango gluttony, then it’s over (except for the chutney and the pickles and the icecream

Forty Little Mango Cheesecakes

Our glut crop at the moment is mangoes. Mangoes have a good year every second year, and a great year every forth or sixth. We had mango salsa with our poa


Only three or four left in the garden now, which is fairly nicely timed because the white cabbage moths are just star

spinach and bocconcini rolls

For about 9 months of the year we have silver beet, (or Swiss chard if you are in US). There’s a few months from midsummer to midautumn when the grassh

pumpkin wat

Very inauthentic pumpkin wat with sourdough faux injera.

roast pumpkin and feta pie

The wildlife doesn’t share my sense of frugal. The pumpkin stack is slowly going down now. The cold has killed off all the vines so no new ones are be

kangaroo ragu

It’s hard to do justice to a ragu in a photo, especially when it’s a winter dinner and there’s no natural light. But a ragu in the slow cooker is bliss t

eggplant dip

Red Eggplant Dip (for Pakora or Felafel or similar, or just with flatbread) (The Witches Kitchen)

pumpkin sourdough scrolls

The macadamias are just getting cured enough to start using now, and the pumpkin stack on the verandah shows no signs of going down.