Summer Bonfires on the Beach!

Such a good summertime cuddle session idea. The beach is a pretty classic place for a picnic. There is something magical about a fire pit and the ocean breeze.

Catamaran Rules

Beach House Rules-for my beach house.Okay, for my future beach house:)

Beach picnic perfection.

See the beach camping bridal shower here. Photo by The Why We Love via 100 Layer Cake

This is hilarious, she decorated her "saloon", Lustre Pearl, in Austin, with crystal chandeliers, and antique bar, and picnic tables out back. She has created a home away from home for her patrons, they say "it's like going to their Grandparents"! I want a bar in my dream house

20 Reasons Country is Hot Right Now

Lustre Pearl: Austin 's saloon with heart, outfitted with book-stocked shelves, an antique chandelier, and a backyard full of picnic tables. And a personal favorite.

Bintang sunset

Bintang sunset

Resort Latitude Zero

An aerial look at Resort Latitude Zero and the surrounding Telo Island chain.

Nothing like a equatorial sunset at Resort Latitude Zero.

Nothing like a equatorial sunset at Resort Latitude Zero.