Outback, Australia, rare and remote area with lots of typical red sand.

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Golden Rainbows

Australian Rainbow Photograph by Randy Olson - National Geographic A double rainbow frames termite mounds in Australia's grasslands. Double arcs happen when light is reflected more than once in an atmospheric water droplet.

Red Centre, Australia ~ by John Dekker

The early morning light brings color to Australia's 'Red Centre' and the distant Kata Tjuta (the Olgas).

In central Australia, I love the fact that my indigenous friends are often willing to show me new treasures. This has come from long years of relationship and a slowly maturing trust. This particular photograph was taken in an area I thought I knew. But then a good Aboriginal friend said he would take me to see a little waterhole. It was, he said, "little bit long way", which in Aboriginal speech meant it would take anything from ten minutes to ten hours!

River Guardians - Gum Trees - Northern Territory, Australia Reminding me of Reg's back yard on the Millstream

Nepean River Lookout |. Close to Penrith, N.S.W. Australia

The Nepean River flowing through Mulgoa Valley in western Sydney. Seen around sunset from a lookout called The Rock near Penrith.

Stirling Range National Park | WA | photo by @kirkhillephotography  #australia #австралия #wa

Stirling Range NP, 337 km south-east of Perth, Westerrn Australia (by kirkhillephotography)

Last Nigh, watercolor - Herman Pekel

Official website of Herman Pekel Australian Artist Based in Melbourne Australia, Watercolour, Oil, Bush Oil

The palette of colours in Flinders Ranges National Park.

On foot in the Flinders