No One Will Play With Me – would have been a great tool for a few conferences

No One Will Play With Me - Helping Your Child Make Friends

academy tile backsplash

Reflective tile around sink and shelf with flowers. Alternative to windowless kitchen sink. Looks airy and bright. Could put a light under the shelf for when doing dishes. from Market Lane Coffee

Reggio inspired documentation and displays

Documentation area Does each student have a binder? Should I start organizing student work in binders? I think I might like it, plus have ongoing stuff on the wall

EYLF - Being-Belonging-Becoming

r interpretation of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) curriculum planning as educator and family friendly as possible

Learning Together: Samples of Documentation in the Classroom

Involving children in documenting their learning - display documentation of children's construction IN the construction area. (a year's worth of Building book?

CAUTION! Twins at play!: Indoor Play and Learn Environment update - inspiration and ideas as they have some of the same toys and materials we do

Indoor Play and Learn Environment update 1/1/13

Twins at play!: Indoor Play and Learn Environment update (organized play space) (organized toys)

EYLF room display

Documenting children's curriculum in ways that can be revisited by children, Educators and families

QLd govt eylf templates

Resources [Qld Studies Authority]This section provides a wide range of resources to support teachers implementing quality kindergarten programs.

Designing Early Childhood Australia

I am always playing around with different ways to plan – I have developed this template as an emergent curriculum planning tool and have .

EYLF.JPG (image)

Maximising children's potential through Inclusion: The EYLF - Getting Started By Joy Goodfellow (Early Childhood Australia)