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a poem written in black ink with the words'i tiny stories'on it
Keep Moving❤️
Yeah, we almost made it; but you are almost a selfish ass, which makes it impossible.
a quote that says, be gentle my little thunderstorm the world is just not ready
Poetry is the thing that helps life make a little more sense for me.
an open book with the words and i was never sure whether you were the lighthouse or the storm
Kaylee yordy (@yordy_kaylee) on X
And I was | Never sure | Whether you | Were the | Lighthouse or | The storm. - David Jones Poetry. https://twitter.com/yordy_kaylee
a painting of a woman sitting on a marble bench
Details from In the Days of Sappho by John William Godward 1904 #art
a woman's face with the words, what cannot be said will be wet
"What cannot be said will be wept." -Sappho
Remember us - Sappho - quote - Word porn Lovely Quotes, Golden Days, Some Words, Soul Food
Remember us - Sappho - quote - Word porn
an old typewriter with the words you are, i think, an evening star, the
"You are i think an evening star, the fairest of all stars" -Sappho