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lisa spry

lisa spry
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A built-in fitted bench with wall and decking; the beauty of this feature is that it helps to balance the dominance of the trees behind to create a more comfortable atmosphere. The lighter color of the wood gives contrast to dark trees behind.

Love the fitted bench against a rendered wall; with the built in grill, range and refrig with plenty of work space.


All across the country, towns, churches, and families are doing something unique. If you check your local happenings there may be a Glow In the Dark Easter Egg Hunt neat you!

One of the simplest, fun, interactive activities to have at your glow party is a Graffiti Wall.  Your guests can all contribute to a large art space which will result in a dynamic, colorful and fun…

Our Neon Doodle Scene Setter is color-ific! Neon Doodle Scene Setter features black posters covered in rainbow butterflies, flowers, hearts and more plus a 'Happy B-Day' banner.