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a poster with the words collaborate and smiley faces in front of a world map that says,
Spanish Tutors Online: Unlimited For $77 | Live Lingua
a poster with the words creating with adobe spark
Adobe Spark: Creativity with Visuals (It's Free)
Creating with Adobe Spark
the book cover for 20 diagrams that simply print design, with an image of various
20 Diagrams That Make Print Design Much Easier
20 Diagrams That Make Print Design Much Easier
a group of people standing in front of a banner with the words welcome to storyboard that
Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) / Twitter
Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) | Twitter
how to use tellagami for persuasive writing by emmetation
persuasive writing on the iPad with the free app Tellagami
three laptops, two tablet computers and one mobile phone are all displaying the same book
Storybird - Read, write, discover, and share the books you'll always remember.
Free creative writing tools used by teachers and students in 400,000+ K-12 classrooms worldwide. Works with any curriculum or device.
an animated scene with people in the background and text that reads, i'm going to
Pixton | Free Comic & Avatar Maker
The world's most popular and easy to use comic and storyboard creator.
the jungle book is being used to teach children how to make a book trailer with an image of a tiger
In “Sneak Peek,” students ages 14 and up analyze literature and visually demonstrate their comprehension of details. Using the Stop Motion Studio app, they create a book trailer promoting its imagery, symbolism, or theme. Students select a scene they feel best illustrates their point and then create a storyboard before making their video. The class then watches and discusses everyone’s creations. For more lesson ideas, use this free book:
a black and white image of a credit card with flames coming out of the back
8 Tips for an Awesome Prezi
8 Tips for an Awesome Prezi
the storyboard creator comic strip maker graphic organizer is shown in white on a purple background
Free Storyboard Creator | Comic Strip Maker
Storyboard Creator | Comic Strip Maker | Graphic Organizer