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several people are standing around in an art gallery looking at paintings on the wall and talking to each other
Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) Training and Workshops
Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) Website
the words once upon a picture are written in brown on a yellow background with images of people
ABOUT - Once Upon a Picture
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the words visual literacy are in white on a blue background
Visual Literacy
Visual Literacy
the international visual library association logo is shown in blue and green letters with an eye on it
About Us - IVLA
About Us | IVLA
the logo for visual arts circle, which is designed to look like an abstract structure
the flyer for an event featuring speakers
Center for Visual Literacies
Centre for Visual Literacies Website
the text visual library - fantastic website of resources from lizie chase on purple background
Visual literacy
Visual literacy - fantastic website of resources from Lizzie Chase
the text reads visual literacy i creating multimodalal texts
Visual Literacy
A website focused on creating and responding to visual literacies and multimodal texts.