Pinning it just at the sides rather than full half back

Stay-In-All-Day Beachy Boho Waves.

Karin Johannesson

Something about these watercolor cherry blossoms is so calming and warm. Great inspiration for something light, like a fragrance packaging -Karin Johannesson Beautiful Flower Illustration

Eucalyptus caesia Watercolour by Halina Steele

Wedding Invitation botanical drawings along the top and hanging down the side - Australia :) This reminds me of the Eucalyptus that lined Hwy. 101 in Camarillo CA in the old days.

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15 Backyard Barbecue Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception

Watermelon cubes with mint leaves were hand passed during the cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception.

Great Hair


Woman's Long Hair - Hair How Tutorial/Picture's ____The Piece-y pony Tail -

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